A Word of Thanks

Thanks. One of the most powerful words in the English language. Spoken, it conveys at least some level of gratitude and appreciation. Unspoken, there is a void that, left untended, can foster damaged feelings and relationships.

So, today I am saying thanks to our partners, our donors, and to those who lift us up in prayer.

To our ministry partners – you are the true heroes in the world. Without you, homework would be unfinished, prayers unsaid, Bible verses unlearned. There would be families without gifts at Christmas and without food in times of need, couples without weddings, adults still unable to read.  There would be unwiped tears and broken hearts with no shoulder to lean on.  You represent God in a broken world.  You are the Bible with skin on. You are the hands and feet of Christ. We applaud you.

To our supporters – without you, tutoring would not be done, gifts would not be given, hope would not be shared.  Couples would remain unmarried, and if they were married, there might not be a place for the wedding. Adults would fail to learn financial management, instead of setting a good example for their children. Yes, God would still be present; he just wouldn’t be as visible.  You live out the Gospel through your gifts, and allow us to serve.  We treasure you.

To our prayer warriors – this is the immeasurable gift.  We have no way of knowing the daily intercessions made on our behalf and on behalf of our partners. But we would probably be able to tell if you weren’t praying. So please don’t stop. We need you.

Sara Pace
Director of Operations/
Exec. Asst. to Danny Wuerffel

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