Angie Winn

Specialty Coach for Desire Street


Every summer in June, Desire Street Ministries offers a retreat for our ministry partners and their families.  I was asked once if the name “retreat” was appropriate, and if it would be better to call it a leadership conference, gathering, or something else that would make it sound more purposeful. That made me ponder not only …

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In a Word

Every summer, our partners and their families come together at DSM’s annual Wind River Retreat in Colorado for fellowship and fun. Because they have learned how valuable that time is, they requested a mid-January retreat to connect and learn from each other. They’ve found they draw strength from each other when they leave their neighborhoods, …

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Help Wanted

“This kind can come out only by prayer” Mark 9:29 Just in the past few months, our partners have had some very intense circumstances occur in their lives. A fire broke out in one of our partner’s houses – ruining years of pictures and memories, two families in another partner’s neighborhood suffered drive-by shootings and …

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