The Rivalry



Our Storied Rivalry


Georgia and Florida have been going head-to-head in SEC football since 1915. In what’s becoming almost as much of a storied rivalry, teams representing Georgia and Florida have also been battling it out on the Desire Cup course for 7 years so far!

In the first Desire Cup in 2011, the Bulldogs came out strong beating the Gators decisively 51.5 to 38.5.
The next year saw the Gators squeezing out a 15.5 to 13.5 victory.
Coming on stronger in year 3, the Gators won 47.5 to 36.5.
But then Georgia roared back in 2014, leveling the series at 2 all, by defeating Florida 10 to 9.

The Gators would have none of that in the fifth Desire Cup, soundly beating Georgia 32 to 19.
The same thing happened in 2016, when the Gators topped the Dawgs 38 to 25.
But the Dawgs came in force in 2017, losing to Florida by only 2 points, 32.5 to 30.5.
In 2018, while the Dawgs won the football game, the Gators won the Cup for a fourth year in a row, 29.0 to 22.0.

The Dawgs are due here at the Desire Cup! (Don’t tell Danny we said that!)
See you then!

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