The processing fee for online gifts that you see when making an online gift to Desire Street covers several costs which we must pay in order to offer donors flexibility in gifting.

With our current online service, Fundraise Up, we are fortunate to make use of Stripe, a very secure and accurate payment processor that offers low rates for nonprofits. Fundraise Up also allows donors to use PayPal if desired. So in addition to the micro-fees for these functions, there is also a micro-fee by the credit card company or bank … whichever method you choose.

The fee that you see when considering whether or not to cover that fee along with your gift, is an estimation of the total of these micro-costs required in order to make your online gift happen.

In addition to the benefits and flexibility this technology offers, it also saves Desire Street’s staff a great deal of time by automating several office functions. This enables us to operate more efficiently, allowing more time and staff resources for ministry. It’s just one way that we continue in our commitment to steward your gift(s) wisely!

If you have more questions or concerns, or would like to discuss other options for making a gift, please don’t hesitate to contact Michelle at And should you decide to “cover the costs”, we appreciate it greatly!

We won’t flood your inbox or your mailbox

We promise to never flood your Inbox with a lot of unwanted mass emails! AND every email we send gives you the option to opt out immediately. You will get an emailed receipt for online donations you make, and if you prefer, you can sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter by email. (Just email or call us at 678-681-3979.)

Other than that, we send only 3-6 emails a year to let you know about events or ways you might want to help out. That number even includes the extra emails we’ve sent out to stay connected during the Coronavirus lockdown.

By the way, we also promise not to flood your mailbox either! We mail out 4 quarterly newsletters a year, and 2-3 updates to make you aware of our needs should you wish to help out. (And you can stop those anytime by emailing or calling us at 678-681-3979.)

Desire Street will never sell or share your email or mailing address. You can read more about our Donor Privacy Policy here.

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