Fathers and Mothers Wanted

As I reflect today about the ongoing violence, incivility and harshness from the alleys to the mansions in this country, I am reminded of a biblical truth in the New Testament.

The Apostle says you have many mentors, but you only have a few fathers. (1 Cor 4:15)

This is a fascinating statement because mentors, coaches, instructors, teachers, counselors — all play an invaluable role in our lives — but not that of spiritual father or spiritual mother. Fathers (and mothers) are people who engage us in such a depthful realm of truth, grace, authenticity, substance, honesty, skill, influence, selflessness, and most of all love, that we are well-suited for a life of impact. Without these fathers, the most we can hope for is to impress others.

What the least of these, and the “most” of these, need at this hour in history are “treasures in jars of clay,” who transcend the reality of their brokenness by a faith-driven pursuit in Christ to love our neighbors well.

Parents who release their children’s destinies into God’s hand. Spouses who embody the truth that the sum is greater than the parts. Police officers who accept the enormous risk that all are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Ministers who exemplify the premise that they were called to serve not be served. Politicians who value principle more than re-election. Impoverished who view themselves as victors rather than victims. Kings who cast nobility rather than promote cowardice.

Yes, we need more spiritual fathers and mothers. Only those open to losing their lives so that they might find their lives in the Gospel need apply.


Photo by Gwen Weustink on Unsplash

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