Desire Street believes that the best investment for lasting change in a neighborhood is time, presence, and relationship. None of those things happen overnight, and the revitalization of under-resourced neighborhoods is a tremendous undertaking by courageous leaders nationwide. Many of which intentionally decide to call those neighborhoods home themselves.

Our desire is to encourage, equip and connect leaders who answer that call.

That’s why our model for ministry is to work side-by-side with our Ministry Partners who share the calling to have a physical and spiritual presence in their neighborhood. Desire Street coaches and cares for these leaders so they can beat the odds. Not burn out. Not just survive. So that they thrive for the marathon set before them of caring for and investing in some of God’s most cherished neighborhoods.


Executive Director Danny Wuerffel talks about Desire Street’s approach to facilitate revitalization of under-resourced neighborhoods.


We shepherd our leaders by offering perspective as they navigate ministry and relational challenges. As well as reassure them of the calling God has placed on them and champion them personally and professionally. 

Spiritual and Personal Support
Spiritual Refreshment and Growth
One on One relationship with Lead Coach
Mutually Transformative Relationships


We offer our leaders tools, principles and best practices that span across leadership and organizational development as well as ministry programming. With our Thriving Index, we help assess and pin point the best ways to equip our leaders and their organizations.

Leadership Development
Organizational Coaching and Development
Fundraising Strategy and Social Capital
Thriving Index



We create safe spaces for our leaders to cultivate authentic and mutually transformative relationships. Providing a place where leaders who intimately understand the pressures, needs, celebrations and heartbreaks of this kind of work can have a sense of community is imperative for leaders to persevere!

Collaboration with other Ministries and Leaders
Annual Retreats for Strategic Partners
Access to Desire Street Network
Connection to Community

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