Desire Street invests relationally in our partners and their ministries over a 3- to 5-year partnership life cycle. During this time, we offer our proprietary Thriving Index assessment tool to help a leader see areas of strength and opportunity. We also come alongside our partners, coaching and caring for them in order to strengthen their leadership, solidify their board and organization, and build their ministry reach.

Each ministry partner has a Lead Coach—a peer who’s “been there” and can identify closely with what the leader is experiencing. The Lead Coach walks with them through the ups and downs of ministry. And we deploy Specialty Coaches for training Cohorts and individualized needs.


Lead Coaches have experience in community ministry and development, and are incredible resources and safe havens for our ministry partners. As Desire Street has prayed to expand our reach (while also being good stewards of our resources), some of our Alumni have joined us as Lead Coaches. The guidance they received as ministry partners, coupled with their experience in the field, gives these leaders wisdom that is invaluable to others. 

Lead Coaches “pour into” other ministries through sharing best practices, and join our Desire Street ministry team in giving emotional and spiritual support for the journey. A Lead Coach becomes immersed in the world of the ministry leader by celebrating with them, hurting alongside them, offering perspective, giving counsel, and keeping a pulse on the overall well-being of the leader and the organization.

Tim Mitchell

Lead Coach and Alumni

Tim is a Lead Coach who thrives in Lakeland, Florida.

Melissa Ledbetter

Lead Coach and Alumni

Lead Coach Melissa Ledbetter is thriving in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bryan Kelly

Lead Coach and Alumni

Bryan thrives as a Lead Coach in Montgomery, Alabama.

Ron Carter

Lead Coach

Lead Coach Ron Carter joins us from Birmingham, AL

A Lead Coach serves an important role for our partners. Through authentic relationship, a Lead Coach invests relationally in our partner and their ministry. By calling their assigned partner twice a month and meeting with them face-to-face 4 times a year, a Lead Coach becomes immersed in the world of the ministry leader. Celebrating with them, hurting alongside them, offering perspective, giving counsel, and keeping a pulse on the overall well-being of the leader and the organization.  Lead Coaches have experience in community ministry and development, and are incredible resources and safe havens for our ministry partners.

When a leader has gone through this life cycle and we mutually determine he or she has gained what they could from our partnership, they then become what we call Alumni. They remain in our “Desire Street family” – our network of leaders – but no longer receive the intense support we gave them when they were our ministry partners.


Specialty Coaches are leaders, practitioners and supporters with unique sets of skills valuable to our ministry leaders. Desire Street deploys Specialty Coaches to serve and meet specific needs of our partners or their ministries. We also offer annual Cohorts to provide intensive training by our Specialty Coaches on topics pertinent to our leaders’ needs.


Angie Winn has spent her career helping leaders and organizations flourish.  After receiving her Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from University of Central Florida (1997), and  Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Florida (1993), Angie has coached and consulted with over 500 leaders in the for-profit and non-profit realms.  

In 2005, while serving as a Vice-President of Leadership and Organizational Development at CNL Financial Group, Angie had a courtroom experience that would forever change the trajectory of her life. God used this experience to set her on a path of community development, where she was commissioned to lead a 3-year research study and co-founded a non-profit organization called the Polis Institute. 

In 2011, Angie left the corporate world and accepted the position of Director of Leadership and Organizational Development at Desire Street Ministries, where she served inner-city ministry leaders and organizations by coaching, facilitating, assessing, and implementing organizational development solutions.  She was also instrumental in creating Desire Street’s Thriving Index, an assessment used to gauge the health of leaders and organizations, and their impact in their communities. 

Along her journey, Angie witnessed the toll of leadership and ministry with whom those she was working. She also experienced a degree of burnout herself, and resigned her position in 2017. During that time of rest and recalibration, Angie began to implement contemplative practices in her life- integrating body, mind, heart and spirit.  This led her to launch Winn Summit Strategies, where she coaches leaders, facilitates retreats, conducts workshops, and teaches yoga and contemplative practices for the “street saints” – leaders working with vulnerable in our communities. 

Angie lives in Orlando with her husband, two boys, and a dog named Fenway.  


Matt spent 15 years in non-profit leadership where his primary role was launching entrepreneurial ventures that focused on opening new markets and developing emerging leaders to multiply those markets.  

Throughout his career, Matt has recruited, developed and launched leaders around the country (& the world) primarily in non-profit ventures.  The leaders that Matt has developed have come from multi-disciplinary and trans-cultural backgrounds and have had to learn how to lead through influence rather than positions of authority.  

Matt has experienced first hand that leading with high relational and emotional intelligence yields the highest return when it comes to motivating and inspiring your employees to work hard to achieve your organizational goals. Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and an operational mind, Matt has been privileged to come alongside other visionary leaders and help them create and execute their goals through well developed strategic plans and talent.

While in the process of transitioning out of the non-profit world, Matt started Letourneau Consulting LLC in 2015 to leverage his experience to help develop leaders and create strategy that works in both the non-profit and for profit sectors. He immediately began working as a contracted leadership development coach and strategy consultant for both The Jholdas Group of GA LLC as well as Lewis Leadership LLC and continues those relationships to this day.  

Matt lives in the metro Atlanta area with his wife, Julie and their three children.   


Dan has given his life to Christ’s work of reconciliation for over ten years. He has a Masters of Intercultural Ministries.

Dan joined the OneRace team in January of 2020 as the Director of Groups and Mobilization.

He’s married to Adrienne and they have four amazing children together. The Crains live in Atlanta, GA.


Neal is the executive director and founder of The Rest Initiative. His vision to create proactive and ongoing care for those who serve is the foundation of this organization.  He leads the charge in creating dialogue and collaboration towards this goal..

Neal holds a B.A. in communications from the University of Central Florida, a Master of Arts in Counseling and a Master of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary.

He has held a variety of counseling positions in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. He maintains a private counseling practice and is on staff at City Church East Side in Atlanta. Neal also has the privilege of serving others as a certified LMHC supervisor. He has served in Japan, Ukraine, India, Greece, Cuba, Argentina, Albania, Malawi and Uganda.

Neal lives in Atlanta, GA, with his wife, Jessica, and their three young boys.


Trey is an alumni of Desire Street’s ministry partnership program. He founded the thriving Mercy Street West ministry in West Dallas, TX and was Executive Director for 15 years.

He and his wife, Melissa, have four grown children.


We shepherd our leaders by offering perspective as they navigate ministry and relational challenges. As well as reassure them of the calling God has placed on them and champion them personally and professionally. 

Spiritual and Personal Support
Spiritual Refreshment and Growth
One on One relationship with Lead Coach
Mutually Transformative Relationships


We offer our leaders tools, principles and best practices that span across leadership and organizational development as well as ministry programming. With our Thriving Index, we help assess and pin point the best ways to equip our leaders and their organizations.

Leadership Development
Organizational Coaching and Development
Fundraising Strategy and Social Capital
Thriving Index



We create safe spaces for our leaders to cultivate authentic and mutually transformative relationships. Providing a place where leaders who intimately understand the pressures, needs, celebrations and heartbreaks of this kind of work can have a sense of community is imperative for leaders to persevere!

Collaboration with other Ministries and Leaders
Annual Retreats for Strategic Partners
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