Desire Street partners with ministry leaders in developing thriving and sustainable urban ministries. We currently work intensively with leaders in varying stages of a 3 – 5 year mutual partnership. Over that time frame, we are honored to share what we have learned in our own experience as well as in previous partnerships with ministry leaders. By engaging in authentic relationships, we have the opportunity to personally coach, share best practices and expertise, and offer much needed support for our leaders.

Further, we share our expertise and support with many other leaders who contact us for counsel. And, through our website, we provide resources to anyone with internet access.

Below is an interactive map showcasing our partners and the neighborhoods they reach. Roll over to get a glimpse of who they are, where they serve and why we support their work.

Special COVID-19 Update

Please pray for all our partners who are ministering in under-resourced neighborhoods. Most have been greatly impacted by social distancing guidelines and, of course, economic issues are often felt most severely where resources were tight to begin with.

As of mid-September 2020, most of ministry partners have resumed more normal fall programming, where they can safely do so. We’ve compiled a list of their current needs below. Please check back often for updates.

Click for Needs as of 10/29/20

LaTonya Gates-Johnston / PAWKids in Atlanta, GA is serving over 2,000 meals a week out of Claudia’s House–a food co-op for Grove Park where families can pay a small fee and gain access to food, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, and more. They need help with funds to purchase Claudia’s House. Click here to get involved.

Benjamin Wills / Peace Preparatory Academy in Atlanta, GA is in need of school supplies, encouragement for teachers, monetary gifts and prayer. Click to read about current needs.

Scott Moore / Trinity Family Ministries in Mobile, AL is serving 600-700 meals weekly. Is in need of sanitizer and cleaning supplies. They also covet your prayers as the church continues to love and support their neighborhood through the upcoming holiday season. If you’d like to support them, click here.

Charles Lee / That’s My Child in Montgomery, AL is providing free hot dogs to the neighborhood. They are in need of operating finances (click to help) for the Teen-to-Work Job Training Program, and other amazing initiatives in West Montgomery.

Rebecca Stanley / Blueprint 58 in Atlanta, GA has compiled a great resource (COVID-19 Community Resources) to meet the needs of their neighborhood. You may wish to support their capital campaign to “Build Something Beautiful” in south west Atlanta.

Drew Henley / Redeemer Community Church in Atlanta, GA is collecting food, cleaning supplies, and Walmart gift cards for outreach in their community. They’re grateful for 56 volunteer driver making food deliveries–and need more! Please sign up here to help deliver food: RCC-drive. Please give God praises for oaksATL having completed renovations on Peace Prep‘s upper floor, which is now home to the church.

DeSean Dyson / The Redeemer’s School in Jackson, MS is doing fundraising for technology for blended learning. They could use a mask sanitizer and dividers.

Demetrius Summerville / Kaley Square in Orlando, FL is asking for prayers that neighborhood teens needing something to do would be matched with jobs from nearby companies who are hiring.

Matt Maxwell / oaksATL in Atlanta, GA is in need of help funding purchase of properties to renovate. Over 100 people have completed their Financial Literacy and Renter Pre-Qualification Courses and are ready to move-in! They also need help growing their renter assistance fund to help people furloughed or jobless due to COVID-19. Email Matt Maxwell for more info. Please also pray for unity and community for residents moving into newly renovated apartments, and praise that they’ve been able to hire two more people from the community.

Justin Bleeker / Grove Park Renewal in Atlanta, GA is raising $1m capital for affordable housing development in the neighborhood as well as $200,000 operational funds for services and community engagement of Grove Park residents and homeowners. Also, please pray for Grove Park neighbors battling COVID, and that the Lord would protect neighbors from negative impact of gentrification and housing increases.

Eric Stites / CrossTown in Orlando, FL asks for prayer for the children and families in the Parramore neighborhood, one of the most distressed in Orlando.

Alumni Partner Justina Dix / Summerhill Community Ministries in Atlanta, GA needs help providing food for those in need in the community, and supporting students going to college. Also requesting prayers for loss of a former student in their program, Kenneth Johnson.  Please pray for the family and the community as they mourn the loss of this young man.  Click here if you would like to support the family as they collect money for funeral preparations.

Alumni Partner Sandra Hensley / Jubilee Academy in Columbia, SC is in need of an Office Manager as well as operating expenses to continue serving their students and families. Click here to help.


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Trinity Family Church

Redeemer Community Church


The Redeemer’s School



Peace Preparatory Academy


That’s My Child


Grove Park Renewal


Blueprint 58






Common Ground Montgomery


Mercy Street West Dallas


Summerhill Community Ministries


Parker Street Ministries



Thrive New Orleans



Jubilee Academy



St. Roch Community Church


Want To Be A Partner?

10 Attributes of a Potential DSM Partner

1. Live in the direct neighborhood you seek to serve.
2. Certified 501c3 non-profit status or incorporated as a church.
3. Engaged in grassroots, holistic, Christ-centered offerings to an under-resourced neighborhood.
4. Actively serving in an official capacity for at least 2 years.
5. Active Board of Directors or Committee providing accountability and governance.
6. Humble Spirit for receiving coaching, consultation and engaging in vulnerable community.
7. Desire to engage in DSM network and supporting of other DSM partners.
8. Willingness to engage in a mutually transformative relationship with DSM.
9. Statement of faith that unequivocally affirms a faith in Jesus Christ.
10. Receptive to honest assessment, dialogue and accountability focused on moving towards thriving and sustainability.

Steps to consider before becoming a partner

1. Review the above criteria for official Partnership with DSM.
2. Familiarize yourself with the CCDA model for ministry.
3. Fill out a Community Ministry Profile.
4. Attend a Thriving Leaders Series.
5. Stay Engaged in our DSM network!

Our capacity for taking on new partners is limited in order to maintain the quality of partnership we have experienced with our leaders. For more information or partnership or any questions please contact: Chris Fitzgerald at cfitzgerald@desirestreet.org

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