How we are like horses

I had the privilege of spending several days with our ministry partners in Colorado recently and spent a few afternoons on trail rides enjoying the fellowship of these amazing people and God’s beauty.

I learned a few things about horses and saw some amazing similarities to humans.  What struck me most was their vision. They can see what is beside and behind them, but not so well directly in front.  Similarly, God has designed us to be aware of what it going on in the moment, and we certainly have 20-20 vision when it comes to what has just happened.  But He has protected us from seeing what is to come.  Horses trust us to guide them, just like we are to trust God to order our steps.

So now when I am uncertain of what is to come, I am reminded of those giant animals and their obedience to their master which is very humbling indeed. I am then prompted to let go of my reins.

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