The Pursuit

“Then when he has found it, he places it on his shoulders, rejoicing”  (Luke 15:5)

As we take a moment to reflect about the Restoration of lost things, whether they be lost valuables, lost souls, lost dreams or lost hearts, we all can relate to this type of experience. We know what it means to be lost, to lose something or someone.

The Kingdom of God values the pursuit of what is lost. Therefore first, we acknowledge that Christ is our fundamental GPS, who grounds our hearts back to Him in love, hope, grace and peace.

Flowing from that truth, we lovingly and non-judgingly engage the lost in our sphere of opportunity. We pursue them with the gospel of Christ as it manifests itself spiritually, emotionally, practically and consistently. We pursue them with an outrageous hope that never gives up on the  truth of God’s promise: a covenant of wholeness, fullness and heart abundance.

Then for a season we show ourselves willing to shoulder the responsibility for the friendship—for when we are lost, that is when we need our friends the most. That is the very time when we do not have the wherewithal to “meet them halfway.”

And finally we embrace the pursuit of others with a joy that reflects a humility and brokenness in recognition of God’s steadfast love in our own lives.

As God’s image bearers, we imperfectly imitate His perfect expression that chases us down every day with goodness and mercy. (Psalm 23)

God bless,

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