It’s a small thing

It’s interesting to think about how small things can add up.

“If everyone gave $3, our fundraiser would be over within the hour.” That’s a quote from a website I visited recently. The site owners were raising money to support the cost of their site.

The other day I received a note and a check from a new friend. He wrote that he had appreciated my career as a Gator and our work here at DSM, but had not done anything to show his appreciation in a way that could help. And then he wrote that he and his wife hoped the check he had enclosed would help in at least a small way.

At Desire Street, we sincerely appreciate every gift, whether it’s a dollar or more than a thousand of them.

We also really appreciate―and need―your prayers. It may seem like a small thing because it doesn’t cost you anything but a moment of your time, but prayer is vitally important to this ministry! And our partners who are called to live and work in impoverished neighborhoods also need your prayers. So I would be honored if you would remember them too.

I wonder. What would God do if we all prayed that every neighborhood would be a desirable place to live?

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