Seeking justice through understanding

Perspective can clarify or cloud thoughts and relationships. Much has happened in our nation in recent weeks and months, and quite frankly, over our plagued and tormented history of race relations.

Danny Wuerffel and Dr. Anthony Gordon from the Desire Street staff have taken steps toward each other to build a relationship of mutual respect, admiration and honor. Even conversations on controversial topics are discussed through a lens of wanting to understand the other’s unique and important perspective. These two men strive to embody their hopes for what our country can attain as we continually listen, dignify and seek to understand each other.

We prayerfully hope you will do the same.

Desire Street Ministries


Read Danny and Anthony’s thoughts on recent events:

Seeking justice through understanding

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  1. Very insightful blog! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Thank you for the perspective on both sides of the issue.

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