Summer and Solutions

It’s that time of year again! Textbooks have been returned, school bells have stopped ringing, and those big yellow buses have stopped running for a little while. Why? Because school is out and summer vacation is here. For some kids, the summer means a time of fun and family vacations, but for many kids living in urban areas the summer brings an increase in crime and violence in their neighborhoods.

When school is out during the summer months, many children living in urban areas are left unsupervised without any structured activities. Unfortunately, some of these unsupervised children will succumb to the old adage “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” Desire Street’s ministry partners are stepping in to offer a solution – summer camps. On average, 3-4 times as many kids are involved in summer camps as afterschool programs during the school year, and on top of that our partners care for kids the whole day instead of for only a couple hours after school.

These wonderful summer programs offer spiritual development, academic enrichment, recreational activities and field trips, as well as just plain old FUN. Our partners’ summer programs are not just for kids but teens too. Many teens are given an opportunity to work as part of the staff, earning volunteer hours or a modest income.  These teen staffers not only work with the kids but they in turn gain invaluable leadership and life skills which are essential for success.

We ask that you join us in praying for a safe and enjoyable summer for our ministry partners and all their summer camp participants.

If you’d like to support the summer programs of our partners, simply click on a Donate Now button you’ll find throughout our site, and click “Give Now”. Please be sure to specify “Strategic Partners – General” and write the words “Summer programs” in the text box.

God bless,

Ebonie Sanders
Development Coordinator

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