The Fiery Furnace

I have the privilege of attending a wonderful Bible-teaching church in Metro Atlanta. Our lead teacher has been teaching on the life of Daniel and his time with King Nebuchadnezzar. The series concluded with the “fiery furnace” story.

I’ve heard this story all of my life and for some reason, the furnace being 7 times hotter than normal didn’t stick with me. But now I think I get it.

I trust the Bible. I take it literally. And sometimes, I think its truth can also be a revealing allegory to life’s circumstances.

I know that as believers we are being sanctified to be more like Christ. I think that while there was indeed a true furnace, that the furnace can also be thought of as “life,” and sometimes life is heated up beyond the norm.

Urban ministry leaders live in a “7-times-hotter fiery furnace” all of the time. The demands for their time and resources are relentless, and the life circumstances that they witness are hotter than we can ever imagine.

Thankfully, like the Bible story, they have that 4th “being” in the fire with them – the Christ figure who walks with them, guiding their steps, healing their wounds, giving them strength to be His hands and feet and heart.

I’m so glad to work at Desire Street Ministries where we get to journey with these amazing, selfless leaders who are making an impact every day on the life of their neighbors. Join us on the journey, will you?

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  1. Very true. I pray for these inner city leaders and their lives that they live make them depend upon our holy and faithful God. Thank you all for your great ministry.

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