The hood don’t waste no time

I’m excited today to share a blog from one of our ministry partners. Bryan Kelly at Common Ground Montgomery (AL) has a super Program Director by the name of Kevin King. Kevin published this blog on Common Ground’s website ( a couple of weeks ago, and I thought you might enjoy it.   – Danny

We’re Back!

In the Old Testament every seventh year a sabbatical was an extended season of rest to allow the land to regain its potency and allow the soil to restore its nutrients and minerals. This time is crucial today for sustaining the life of those in ministry. A Sabbatical was much needed for my family and we truly believe that the nutrients of our souls have been replenished, restored, and we have a renewed hunger for life and for ministry. Jeremiah 31:25 says “I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.” Praise God! We are glad to be back!

‘The hood don’t waste no time.’

March 3rd was our return date. Transitioning back into our home in Washington Park immediately welcomed us to a reminder that we were home and why we love our street. We miss waking up to the sounds of loud neighbors, loud music, and loud early morning garbage truck runs.

Immediately our home was a revolving door. People old and young came by to visit and welcome us back into the community. A parent who lost her son and whose phone calls I had been avoiding before sabbatical (due to me being emotionally drained) called for help and I was able to visit, respond to needs, and pray for her in her home. Young ladies with make up and wardrobe needs in preparation for a various dances and proms immediately solicited Nicole’s help because she’s the bomb when it comes to stuff like that. Other women reached out to Nicole for help in studying the word and getting to know Jesus better. Another neighbor randomly hit me up in the middle of the street to pray for him on the spot at least 3 times this month. Another friend and neighbor who is addicted to drugs continues to tell me how much he loves me and how much prayer and help he needs. The neighbor who has promised to come to church for 2 years has now come twice in the last 3 weeks. All this and more while transitioning back into my day job with Common Ground Montgomery!

Now at this point I know you feel just a bit overwhelmed as you read this. The things I’ve mentioned here are basically the norm. We’ve missed every minute of being here, but issues like these are inevitable. It may not seem like it, but there were even more issues that came up that we couldn’t respond to, because we can’t live in a way that allows the circumstances of others to all of a sudden become our emergency every time. God is in control when or if we can’t be there to make everything better. We are not in control. God is always in the midst redeeming and intervening in the lives of people. Sometimes all we can do is pray even if we ourselves aren’t in a position to respond.

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  1. I could hear your neighborhood through your words. Sounds to me like what Jesus would hear if He walked the earth today. Well, I guess He does through saints like you…

    Thank you for sharing this…

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