What’s so important?

I recently returned from a week spent retreating with our ministry partners and their families. It’s always an amazing week for me for a number of reasons, but primarily because it reminds me why we do what we do.

Working in an administrative role isn’t always warm and fuzzy. Being with these leaders definitely is.

So, while I was there, I tried to put myself in the shoes of our friends and supporters and asked myself, “What’s so important about this retreat?” The answer unfolded before me on a daily basis.

I saw youngsters whose lives are being lived out in some of the roughest neighborhoods in our country. I watched them seek out friends from prior years’ retreats. Most of these children only see each other during this one week a year, but they have so much in common that their bond is deep and, clearly, they care about each other. They were delighted to be reunited.

The leaders themselves have formed a “family” and their compassion for and support of each other was uplifting and invigorating. Thanks to these retreats, they now reach out to each other throughout the year and journey together in their challenges and triumphs. When you walk a hard road, it really helps to know someone else is walking the same road.

But what struck me as most important was that I repeatedly heard “…when Anthony came…” or “…when I met with Angie…” or “…in my conversation with Danny…” or “Sue helped me with…

“…and I was able to…”

You can fill in the blanks.

As I have reflected on the week’s retreat, I am convinced that it’s very important that these “heroes” are able to keep going because there are people who care about and pour into them.

That is what relationship looks like.  That is why we do what we do at Desire Street.  Thank you for being part of it.

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