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One of my heroes is a young man who lives and serves the Desire community in New Orleans, LA. In fact, when I think of what Desire Street is about, I have Oscar Brown’s face in my mind.

He was born and raised in that neighborhood, the place where Desire Street was founded. He is what we call a “second generation” leader because he was one of the kids we served back then. Now, he is one of our ministry partners, leading Desire Fellowship church with an unwavering commitment and love for his neighbors.

When I think of “O”, I can’t help but think of his jovial and loving spirit, in spite of generational and systemic poverty. His neighborhood is marked by violence, hopelessness, loneliness and isolation, and yet, because the Gospel has taken hold in his heart, he pours out to others from the wealth of riches poured into him.

Dozens of kids feel loved by Oscar, and dozens of kids have learned of God’s love for them through him. He has a gift for explaining the Bible in a way that’s profoundly simple, yet simply profound. That jovial spirit of his often brings a smile to someone’s face, even a laugh when you least expect it. Thanks to Oscar, others experience joy in the midst of struggle and pain. Together they are learning what Christ-based community means.

All of us here at Desire Street are delighted to come beside Oscar and Desire Fellowship, supporting him with shepherding and coaching and providing necessary resources for the church to survive and thrive. We are privileged to lift up this leader and his ministry in prayer, and I am honored to call him my friend.

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  1. What an awesome program Desire Ministries has become. All of you committed to Desire Street are such great role models for not only the impoverished but for the world to see that love knows no boundaries.
    For Danny: As a Gainesville resident and a die-hard Gator, I joyfully followed you through your years at UF as a student athlete and then through you post-Gator life via the media, etc. I was and am still proud of all your accomplishments. You are a born leader and a testimony to the humility of serving God and the discipleship of Jesus’ love for humanity. The good Lord has blessed so, so many lost souls through your faith, and your gift of “hope” to the “least ones” of God’s children. To partially quote Coach Steve, “God smiled” on Desire Street Ministries with you at the helm.
    I have suffered some personal life experiences and I am not in a position to financially help Desire Street at this time, but if the opportunity arises, I will. I do take every chance I can to inform family, friends and others about Desire Street.
    On a very personal note:
    If possible, I would like to offer you personally some of my Gator paraphernalia autographed by you and Steve. You can use them to replace anything you may have lost in your home as a result of Katrina, or use as auction items at fundraisers for the ministry. This may be how I can help at this time. You can
    contact me at my email above.
    God bless you and yours abundantly. In Christ,
    Cynthia Evans

    1. Dear Cynthia,
      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. We at DSM are so excited about our mission and it is amazing to see God at work.

      We will greatly appreciate the memorabilia and I know Danny will be delighted to receive this. We appreciate your creativity in ways to help out. This will go to great use.

      Thank you!
      Sara Pace
      Director of Business Operations/
      Executive Assistant to Danny Wuerffel

  2. When I’m old and have a failing memory I’ll probably still remember Oscar. He loves the LORD, loved the kids at the school, loves his beautiful wife Centell and his great kids Little O and Mesiyah whom he is doing a wonderful job of raising.

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