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Thanks for dropping by our newly redesigned website! If you’re familiar with Desire Street, you might notice that we have a new logo—more about that in a future post—to go with the new site.

With the growth of our coaching staff through the addition of our Lead Coaches, we’ve been doing a lot of thinking and praying about what the future might hold and where the Lord is leading us for strategic impact. Our new look signals the coming of a new plan, but let me assure those of you who know us well that only our look has changed.

We are the same ministry with the same vision and approach that you’ve seen in action these past several years. Our focus is on helping ministry leaders survive and thrive as they live and work alongside their neighbors to revitalize their community through spiritual and community development.

We’re excited and hopeful about what God is doing in our midst, and we hope this site provides encouragement for our “family” of donors, leaders and staff—and also for the watching world. Enjoy!

God bless,


Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Welcome to our new site”

  1. To Desire street i think your ministry is and will have a tremendous impact on communities you are reaching with God leading the way. All things are possible with God we just cant lose sight or belief in that God bless

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