What’s in a logo?

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What’s in a logo? The intersection of lives, leaders and neighborhoods.

Those who have followed the journey that God has had Desire Street Ministries on the past 27 years might agree that His hand has been steady on His work through the people, despite literal and figurative storms, as well as His shifting plans for how to use this ministry best for His glory.

Part of that journey has been the look of Desire Street through the logo. Our prior logo was an iconic representation of the origins of the ministry in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans. Desire Street Academy was flourishing, along with many other ways in which the Lord was working in and through the neighborhood.

That was Desire Street Ministries Phase 1. After Hurricane Katrina, the ministry rallied to care for kids and families impacted by the devastation. After graduating all of the DSA students through the makeshift boarding school created in Baton Rouge, God called the Board and Danny to a new vision of how Desire Street could impact many other neighborhoods through the learnings in Desire, and by His grace, Desire Street Ministries Phase 2 began with a new approach to join together with other leaders living in under-resourced neighborhoods, to live and serve with their neighbors to see revitalization through holistic spiritual and community development.

What a journey that has been! Through the wisdom of Dr. Anthony Gordon, and many others, the ministry has impacted countless other leaders through encouraging, equipping and connecting them to others doing the same Kingdom work in other neighborhoods across the South. As Anthony’s coaching and counsel has impacted numerous leaders through deep relationships over the past decade, the path the Lord has had us on has been one similar to the relationships that Barnabas, Paul and Timothy had, as noted in the Epistles. Where Dr. Gordon was a Barnabas to the Pauls serving neighborhoods the past decade, several of them are now becoming Pauls to new Timothys in earlier stages and challenges of this work serving under-resourced communities.

Our transition to the coaching and mentoring model now has one generation “graduated” from partnership, and several serving new Desire Street partners as Lead Coaches. So, we are ready to launch a new Phase 3 stage of growth, and we knew it was time to refresh the look of the ministry.

We are at an organizational life stage where we are ready for a future-focused, modern look, with fresh, energetic colors that inspire the hope of the Lord that our ministry partners strive to share daily. In the brand mark “circle logo,” there are several notable features. Perhaps most obvious is the “D” shape of the cutout, denoting Desire, the place of our roots. Inside the “D” are less obvious “Streets” – an intersection of importance. This represents the connection of lives and organizations. The lives involved are neighbors, leaders, Desire Street, donors, advocates, and of course, Jesus. Some may see the shape of a cross in the intersection. Others might note that the street pattern is not linear straight. Neither are our lives, nor the neighborhoods which our partners call home. They are messy, challenged, under-resourced, and full of injustices. This is where the Lord works – in our imperfections.

The outer ring of the circle has been described as the fire of the Holy Spirit, the rough edges of the neighborhoods our partners serve, and a crown of thorns. Others might see different images in our new logo. We hope more than anything, that it draws attention to the work the Lord is doing in and through Desire Street Ministries, and ultimately glorifies His name. We would love your thoughts on how it speaks to you. Please feel free to comment below, or share on our social media accounts. Thank you so much for the role you play in this journey – may God bless you as you help us serve and develop leaders who seek the transformation that only He can provide. The intersection of lives, leaders and neighborhoods.

James Gadsby
Chief Operating Officer


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