Fatherless America

Fatherless AmericaA review by Dr. Anthony Gordon of David Blackenhorn’s book: Fatherless America: Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem

In his book Fatherless America, David Blackenhorn refers to the concept of “paternal transmission”. He provides an insightful treatise on the social, personal, psychological and cultural dimensions of fatherhood or the absence thereof…However, it serves a provacative springboard for the vacuum of spiritual fatherhood that has beset American society today!

This book, though written almost twenty years ago, forces us to clarify our bamboozlement between what constitutes a quality of life and a quantity of life. American Christendom has successfully raised it’s quantity of life, but its quality can only be raised by the re-engagement of devoted fathers.

This clarion call must find its emphasis in our inner cities.


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