Help Wanted

“This kind can come out only by prayer” Mark 9:29

Just in the past few months, our partners have had some very intense circumstances occur in their lives. A fire broke out in one of our partner’s houses – ruining years of pictures and memories, two families in another partner’s neighborhood suffered drive-by shootings and serious assaults, marriages are challenged, funds are low, and the haunting despair that can live in the little children they serve is sometimes overwhelming.

The disciples of Jesus had a pretty good gig. They got to hang out with Jesus, and he even allowed them the privilege to not only witness miracles, but also perform them. So imagine, how dumbfounded they were, when they tried to cast out a demon from a boy, and it failed. Why wouldn’t their power work? As they ran back to Jesus to tell him, or maybe even complain to him, about this miracle failing, he says to them “this kind can come out only by prayer.” (Mark 9:29)

Resources, a kind word, opportunities – all of these things can truly change a neighborhood. But we are reminded through this passage that our attempts at transformation are often feeble, and prayer is the only viable weapon. Our partners are in the battle day in and day out, risking their safety and security because they are living out the gospel in a profound way. We can and do walk along side of them, supporting them with fundraising and mentoring, but the truth is, prayer is the most critical need of all. What they are facing cannot often times be met with our human hands, but also requires the power of humbly requesting the Lord’s mercy and grace.

Will you join us? Will you commit to setting aside time in your life to pray for our partners? We invite you to see our prayer site and participate by praying for their lives, their ministries, and their neighborhoods. When they have requests that they are willing to share publicly, we will also include them. Otherwise, pray by how the Holy Spirit leads you.

The work of our Savior is truly remarkable when you look at the countless healings and miracles he did while he was on earth. Yet the thing he seemed to emphasize the most was prayer. Let’s join Jesus on behalf of the “street saints” that he has asked us to serve.

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