I will always remember…

The word “remember” is used a lot in the Bible.

Our staff spent time in devotions this week remembering and honoring people in our lives who have meant a lot to us. Each one of us selected one person to honor before the group, and of course that activity caused us all to silently remember with thanks the many people in our lives who have inspired us, or been there for us, or made a difference in our lives and hearts.

We listed reasons we appreciated our spouses, parents, friends, men and women who have faced trials, some very mature and godly people, and some with a lot of rough edges. We thought of our ministry partner leaders who inspire us. We even thought of nameless people we’ve noticed at one time or another—people who have made us think about life in a different way.

A pretty amazing thing happened while we were doing this activity. We of course were thankful to the people in our lives who have shaped us, but we also found ourselves very grateful to God that He had put them in our path. Or maybe we were put in the paths of those people.

Either way, God works all things together so we will learn more about Him, and ourselves as well.

I will remember the deeds of the Lord …Psalm 77:11

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