What does it matter?

Do you ever feel like what you do may not matter? Just a drop in the bucket? Maybe you feel helpless to make a difference in the challenges that face the inner city.

Then join forces with Desire Street Ministries and be part of what our partners are accomplishing in these neighborhoods:

Common Ground Montgomery, AL
Served 90 kids in 2013 summer programs
Involved 12 college interns, 13 jr interns, 300 volunteers
Completed first Home Ownership course for 6 families

Desire Fellowship, New Orleans, LA
Served 45 kids in summer camp and 38 kids in VBS
Trained 6 interns in hands-on ministry this summer
Distributed over 11,000 lbs of food to neighbors in need

Summerhill Community Ministries, Atlanta, GA
50 kids served in 7-wk summer camp
Acquired ownership of facility
At full capacity withServed 50 neighborhood kids in after-school programs where last year, almost all improved academic and conduct grades

Mercy Street Dallas, TX
Served 200+ kids in summer camp
Involved 5 college interns and 20 high school interns
Over 400 West Dallas kids participated in Mercy Street’s summer recreational sports leagues this summer

Parker Street Ministries, Lakeland, FL
Almost 100 K-8th grade students in after-school programs
Provided swimming lessons for 100 kids
Involved 15 high school students in mentoring

St. Roch Community Church, New Orleans, LA
75 children in summer programs
Working to reclaim/develop 3 abandoned schools nearby
Serves around 200 neighbors through community programs such as Christmas Store, Health Fair and Yard Sale, Financial Literacy course, and Jobs for Life classes

How can you help specifically? Pray! Learn more or sign up for Desire Street’s quarterly Journey newsletter! Donate your time or make a contribution! You may not be able to afford to do much, but with enough drops, the bucket overflows. At Desire Street, the end result of every drop is… priceless!

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