Trust Your Training

I am a fan of crime/police dramas. Not the “reality TV, watch a thug get arrested in Vegas” type, but the kind where “a crime happened and we solved it in an hour” type of TV drama. Maybe that’s because I like resolution. I’ll let those of you who have degrees in psychology figure out why.

Fortunately, we can DVR these shows, so in the evening, when I want to wind down, I can select from a list of shows and zone out for a while, absorbing myself in the make-believe world and turning off my brain.

Last night as I watched an episode of NCIS-LA, a phrase that was used stuck out to me. It was “trust your training”. Now, this can be interpreted all sorts of ways, but to me, it leads to the Bible and the training that is there.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  • “I will never leave you or forsake you” Joshua 1:5 (Very reassuring. God is ALWAYS with us.)
  •  “I am the resurrection and the life” John 11:25 (Simple. Trust in Him.)
  • “Love your neighbor as yourself” Matt 19:19 (That’s a tough one, but I keep trying.)

The Bible is my training manual, and these are my tools. And the more I’m involved in urban ministry, the more I reach for my manual.  Pretty simple. What’s in your toolbox?

Sara Pace
Director of Operations/
Exec. Asst. to Danny Wuerffel

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