We asked. You answered.

Recently we surveyed some of our faithful supporters and were pleased to hear back from many of them about how we’re doing at communicating.

We want to be clear about Desire Street’s mission, and we also want to let you know how your generous support is being used to develop thriving and sustainable ministries. But the old saying is true: communication is a two-way street. So it really means a lot to us to hear from you.

That’s why we are starting a monthly poll on our homepage — and we hope you’ll drop by regularly and vote on a variety of topics. We also are posting new blogs every Friday, and welcome your comments there as well.

You might also be interested to know that we’re planning a new feature that will allow you the opportunity to hear from our team of ministry coaches about various leadership topics.

There are a lot of exciting things happening at Desire Street, and we’ll soon be sharing more about them. So put our website on your Favorites list and drop by regularly to see what’s happening…and please pray for us while you’re at it!

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