What’s that you say?

“Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts” Heb. 3:15

At Desire Street, we’ve been thinking lately about authentic relationships, and about really “connecting” with God and with each other.

The Lord gave me an object lesson in this not long ago when I accidentally dropped my phone into a “bowl” of water. (Let’s just leave that as is, okay?) I immediately dried the device off, used a blow dryer on low heat for a minute, and then rested my line of communication to the world in a bowl of rice.

A few hours later, I was thrilled to see that my phone seemed to work but it was steadily losing power, so I attempted to plug it in to the proper power cord. To my dismay, the charger would not go all the way in, so I assumed that something inside the phone must be swollen from the moisture and resolved to let the phone stay in rice for several more hours.

All through the next day I kept trying to plug the tiny end of the charger into the phone, but it just wasn’t fitting. The following day I gave up trying to solve the problem on my own and headed to the nearest phone repair shop.

When I gave my phone over to the one qualified and equipped to investigate and hopefully solve my issue, he took a close look and chuckled. A grain of rice was lodged in that tiny space intended for the charger. Having the proper tool, he easily removed it. After laughing sheepishly, I asked him to just keep it for a minute to ensure it would charge, which thankfully it did and my precious device and I were reunited.

My phone is now back in great working order, but this entire experience caused me to think about MY power source. What is standing in my way of being “recharged” by God? Am I preventing the Almighty from truly being my source of power and strength? Is there a tiny grain in the way of being open and available for Him to do His work in my life?

Funny how life’s circumstances can give us these amusing situations to bring our focus back to the Creator, Provider, Master. I’m open God; use me.

Sara Pace

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