The Rest of the Story

As I mentioned last time, we just finished our annual retreat for ministry partners in Colorado and I’m reflecting on the week of ministry and God’s amazing, healing grace.

At these retreats, our partners and their families get to really take a break from it all. The kids have a blast with all sorts of cowboy activities. Ministry partners and spouses get to have some time alone to relax, reflect—even sleep! Our ministry team challenges their hearts with devotions that dig deep. There is time available for counseling, shepherding, sharing, worshipping and connecting with like-focused others. Together we process the past, envision the future, dream dreams and “let loose and laugh” with just plain, silly fun.

Did I mention the rest these folks have the chance to enjoy? True, deep rest is certainly a big part of the story. Maybe it’s the cool, clean air in the high altitude, the relaxed schedule, the chance to be somewhere so totally different than the everyday life of urban ministry. Or maybe it’s the horseback riding that makes you need to stretch out and take a nap.

At any rate, it shows. Look at my friend Oscar and his beautiful wife Centel. Don’t they look refreshed? I blogged a few months back the fact that O’s face is in my mind when I think about what Desire Street is about. I also mentioned that he pours out to others from the wealth of riches poured into him. I can’t wait to see that same look of refreshment in the kids of O’s neighborhood—the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, LA.

Thanks for making it possible for us to pour into Oscar and Centel and others like them. Your support and prayers mean so much to me – and to our ministry partners as well.

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